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POLLUX Business is very active and strong in: Plate Heat Exchangers , Fresh Water Generators , Separators , Pumps , Air & Refrigeration Compressors , M/E & Aux.Engine Parts 



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POLLUX Business supplies OEM spare parts only of highest possible quality. We carry one of the most extensive range of replacement spares for the most popular brands of Freshwater Generators (Distillers).

                             These include: NIREX / ALFA LAVAL  & ATLAS  ( not SASAKURA)

Our Principals in Denmark produce OEM equipment for Fresh Water Generators,
as a replacement possibility to have a new Unit :

  • Destiller Housing 
  • Front Cover
  • Evaporator Section : Brand New and /or Genuine Refurbished Titanium Plates
  • Condenser Section : Brand New and /or Genuine Refurbished Titanium Plates
  • Brine / Air Ejector
  • Ejector Pump
  • Fresh water Pump




We offer complete Brand New Ejector / Distillate / Brine Pumps
( EXW Denmark ) :  PVLS - PVVF - EOD - ESD - CNL
and can supply a wide range of OEM spare parts in quick shipment :

Shaft, Impeller, Diffusor, Diaphragm,Pressure Gauge, Orifice , Wear / Seal Ring, Gasket, Nozzle, Mechanical Seal, Non return Valve , Rubber Sleeve, Solenoid Valve, Zink Anode, Salinometer, Electrode Unit 


Parts for the following types are available:





Reconditioning of F.W. Generator


symbol Freshwater on Service Exchange Basis
symbol Exchange Plate Packs (Titanium or Stainless Steel Plates checked, treated and tested 

    sent  to vessel with Brand New Gaskets under guarantee to be used almost as new.)



* Any reference to OEM names is indicative only