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The PHE was invented by Dr Richard Seligman in 1923 and revolutionized methods of indirect Heating and Cooling of fluids. The PHE is probably the most efficient liquid to liquid heat exchanger available today.


The PHE consists of a series of thin, corrugated alloy plates which are gasketed together in a carbon steel frame to create an arrangement of parallel flow channels. Ports at each corner of the plates act as the headers and the gaskets direct the fluid flow as well as provide the primary seal for the system. One fluid in the odd numbered channels and the second in the even.


It has a major advantage over a conventional Heat Exchanger in that the liquids spread out over the Plate. This facilitates the transfer of Heat, and greatly increases the speed of the temperature change. It is not as common to see PHEs due to the fact that they need well-scales gaskets to prevent the liquids from escaping, although modern manufacturing processes have made them feasible.


In a PHE plates are generally arranged in such a way that it forms channels of hot and cold liquid alternately. Due to corrugations in the plate, high turbulent flow increases the heat transfer rate. 


As compared to Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, PHE can give approach of 1°C whereas Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger gives approach up to 5°C.  For the same amount of Heat Exchange the size of the PHE is less, because of the large Heat Transfer area afforded by the plates (the large area through which heat can travel).

Expansion of the Heat transfer area is possible in PHE. Due to the above reasons PHE are used for the better and controlled Heat transfer.


Some of the big players in the PHE business are :

Alfa Laval - APV - GEA - Vicarb -  Sondex - Pasilac - Schmidt Bretten - Tranter / Swep



The main advantages of PHE are:


• High Heat Transfer Coefficient with low surface areas
• Compact design, does not need much space
• Small temperature differences are possible between the fluids
• High versatility, the design allows for fast and easy rearranging of the plates as operating
   or process conditions change
• Movable pressure plates allow easy access to the plates for cleaning
• Low investment costs
• High corrosion resistance
• A plate exchanger contains only low quantities of fluids
• Easy to service

PHE for Marine Applications


• Central Cooling
• Lubricating Oil Cooling
• Cooling Piston Coolant
• Cooling Transmission Oil
• Pre-heating heavy fuel oil
• Pre-heating diesel oil
• Heating –up of sea water



POLLUX Business can assist with Rubber Gaskets and Plates for various

PHE models of the following brands :


 Alfa Laval
• Vicarb
• Sondex
• Pacilac
• Schmidt Bretten
• Tranter /SWEP  




We have been successfully serving shipping companies & traders in the United States,     

South America , Europe and Far East .


1. POLLUX Business offers top quality Rubber Gasket in available materials as follows:

    NBR     :  Oil resistant, Temperature range up to 140°,  Hi- Temp NBR,
     EPDM  :  Temperature range up to 170°,

    VITON :  Temperature range up to 180°



2. POLLUX Business offers Plates for various models depending on the availability .
    Titanium & Stainless Steel Plates are in our product range either Brand new or  

   fully renovated . Deliveries are fast.


All gaskets & plates supplied carry a 12-month guarantee ( EXW - EUROPE) .




Reconditioning of PHE demands a high level of experience and expertise


Our principals are equipped and staffed by experts to provide you with unrivalled of service.

Their teams work to a carefully planned and rigorously enforced regime to maximize quality and customer satisfaction at every stage:

• Gaskets are removed in a liquid bath
• Plates are degreased,de-scaled and passivated in heated baths
• 100% dye penetrated check
• Plates are high –pressured washed using an automated system
• Every plate is individually inspected and passed prior to shipment



3. POLLUX Business can supply you with:

• Complete fully refurbished and/or New Units of PHE (Titanium Plates in a very wide range)


  Our Servicing Package consists of the following steps :


   Frame Handling


  Dye Penetrant Testing  


• Whole stack of Plates for PHE, Brand new or fully reconditioned

• Technical reports and data on needed Unit capacities


POLLUX’s principals in Europe and U.S. undertake to study the problem and come up with credible solutions offerring a vast array of custom made solutions in very cost efficient manner.



* Any reference to OEM names is indicative only