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POLLUX Business is very active and strong in: Plate Heat Exchangers , Fresh Water Generators , Separators , Pumps , Air & Refrigeration Compressors , M/E & Aux.Engine Parts 


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POLLUX Business supplies O.E.M. and/or compatible spare parts .

We carry one of the most extensive range of replacement spares for   

                         the most popular brands of pumps:



Over the years we have built a network of suppliers in N.Europe, and Far East

who is able to provide the necessary parts required at very competitive prices.


All spare parts are guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months of operation .

Our Principals in Europe and Far East are leaders in selling Quality and Economical Marine Pumps / Units .

 quality control


Application from Seawater Cooling, Fire &GS, Fuel transfer to demanding requirements for High Temperature Boiler Feed pump, customers have come to depend on POLLUX Business for solutions.


We can replace your obsolete or worn out pump with an equivalent unit.

Our sales staff works closely with customers to identify which type of pump that meets your specific requirements with shortest possible delivery time.


In this case , please complete the following particulars and submit to us:


  symbol Capacity
  symbol Discharge head
  symbol Speed
  symbol Motor KW
  symbol Liquid being pumped

  symbol Temperature

  symbol Specific Gravity

  symbol Viscocity




* Any reference to OEM names is indicative only