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POLLUX Business is very active and strong in: Plate Heat Exchangers , Fresh Water Generators , Separators , Pumps , Air & Refrigeration Compressors , M/E & Aux.Engine Parts 


You are much welcome on board and take advantage of our services !


Who we are : 


POLLUX Business LLC is a private owned US based company.

Since it's inception has been an independently run business.


We are an international trading company and engaged in the supply of marine equipment, Genuine , OEM & replacement spare parts for ocean – going vessels.



What we do :


We are here to benefit you . We have the solutions and resources to support your requirements.


We provide our services in an efficient and success oriented manner in the context of long term close relationships with shipping companies / managers / traders .


POLLUX Business provides spare parts , equipment and engineering services to the worldwide marine & offshore industry. 


Boasting strong ties with leading Manufactures/OEM and subcontractors around the world. With extensive industry & superior relationship with subcontractors we combine leading competence to provide value-added advice/services to our clients .


What we can offer : 


Specialized knowledge & Technical competence/service.

 Highly Trustworthly source !


Our supplied parts are well performing in the fleets functioning in every corner of the world and we promise to deliver our best to derive complete customer satisfaction.


Offering a wide range of O.E.M. brands from key manufacturers around the world

in prompt deliveries. 


Our company is particularly active and very strong in the supply of OEM & superior quality replacement parts, at very competitive prices, for :



        Plate Heat Exchangers - OEM exw Europe    

        Turbocharger Parts - OEM exw Europe

        Separators / Purifiers Spare Parts & Complete Units
        Fresh Water Generators - OEM exw Denmark 

        Pre Heaters / Brazed PHEs - OEM exw Europe  

        Air and Refrigeration Compressors

        IMO Low Pressure Pumps - OEM exw Europe                          
        Marine Pumps Spare Parts (Japanese & European made) 

       Mechanical Seals  / Hose Pipes / Ball Bearings - OEM exw Europe

        Main & Auxiliary Engine Parts - OEM exw Europe / Korea 



Our deliveries take place EXW Sweden / Denmark / Italy / Poland / Switzerland / Japan & Korea  


*All spare parts and equipment supplied carry a 12 month guarantee. During this period any item showing production failures will be replaced completely free of charge,in due time. 




What we believe :

What differentiates POLLUX’S approach is the:

professionalism and attention invested in each relationship and
unquestionable quality and short notice, it offers to its clients.


Consistent and superior quality is what beats the competition today .


We stay in close contact with manufacturer's worldwide . A strong and long built relationship with our supplier network guarantees efficiency and ensures delivery of correct spare parts within shortest notice in time !


We have established a very close relationship with well known / reputable manufacturers and /or subcontractors throughout the world, from a variety of products , which use state of the art technilogy in their activities.


With associates in all the main supply centers of marine equipment.



World Wide Reputation :


POLLUX’s unsurpassed quality and unbeatable prices brought about a change in the market and our customers as a result profited considerable amounts in operating costs and at the same time drastically cut expenses in a field which previously dominated by unreasonably high prices.

POLLUX Business is a professional trading & engineering company offering equipment and services to European Shipping Companies / Managers

(Greek-Cypriot-German-N.European / Scandinavian).

Apart from them POLLUX Business is a supplier to giant shipping               conglomerates based in Singapore, Hong Kong , United States & Canada.



Our Team - Meet the Experts - People Who Know :


POLLUX Business’s staff has many years of experience in the marine markets and is recruited

from the marine engineering and shipping industry to provide our customers with the best solution.

We pride ourselves in providing quality services to our customers . Our team is able to deliver a high level of services to all clients / customers.


POLLUX Business’s staff combines a youthful staff profile with a wealth experience & professionalism. Our people are the greatest asset . We are flexible and accomplished !


Success is a mater of business - The company looks forward to its continued developments over the next decade. Success demands continuity and concentration.



On this site you will find list of manufacturer models that we can supply spares for and some insight into the services we can offer. If you cannot find what you are looking for please does not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to assist you .



POLLUX Business , LLC

Superior Quality Marine Spare Parts®

POLLUX Business LLC is an international supplier of marine spare parts and is not affiliated with manufacturers mentioned in this site. The original manufacturers’ product description is given for reference only.


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