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POLLUX Business is very active and strong in: Plate Heat Exchangers , Fresh Water Generators , Separators , Pumps , Air & Refrigeration Compressors , M/E & Aux.Engine Parts 


Mineral Oil Separators / Purifiers 


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AL Purifier

POLLUX Business supplies OEM and/or compatible spare parts only of highest possible quality.


POLLUX Business solution – A QUALITY solution !

* Supplying spare parts & equipment from OEM source | EXW Europe
* Trouble – free operation with similar lifecycles than genuine parts
* Both old & new types of separators' parts are supplied
* Timely and un-faulted deliveries
* Strong relations with OEM manufacturers
* Trading compatible spare parts only of highest quality standards
* Quick Delivery

quality control


Restore Operating Efficiency to Optimal Working Condition.


All parts are carefull packed in specially prepared packing materials to ensure no damage takes place during transit.




Total Solutions in the maintenance of Alfa Laval ( EXW Europe) & Westfalia ( EXW Europe)

& Mitsubishi ( EXW Korea).


Parts for the following types are available :





  • Solenoid valve Block Water - Solenoid valve Block Air
  • Valve top part - Pressure switch - Water transducer
  • Strainer - Flow indicator - Flow switch
  • Control Module / EPC Electronic Cards


* Any reference to OEM names is indicative only