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POLLUX Business is very active and strong in: Plate Heat Exchangers , Fresh Water Generators , Separators , Pumps , Air & Refrigeration Compressors , M/E & Aux.Engine Parts 



Date : June, 2008


Attn: Technical / Spare Parts Depts.



Dear Sirs / Ladies ,


We take the opportunity to introduce our company which is active in the supplying of marine equipment &

spare parts for engine room requirements.


In short, the specific areas in which POLLUX Business is particularly active and very strong are the

supplyof superior quality replacement parts for:



  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Freshwater Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Refrigeration Compressors
  • Separators
  • Main & Auxiliary Engine Parts
  • Diesel Generators Parts
  • Pumps


* All spare parts and equipment supplied carry a 12 month conditional guarantee.


There are stocks of parts in depots situated in strategic places where from immediate deliveries can take

place and there is a well organized network of forwarding companies to ensure the most efficient and

least cost consignments.


Kindly visit our website whereby you may get a first–hand idea of our activities

and possibilities.


Our company is the outcome of hard and continuous efforts for efficiency, excellence and professionalism.

POLLUX Business’s staff has many years of experience in the marine markets and is recruited from the

marine engineering and shipping industry to provide our customers with the best:



Technical knowledge of keeping the vessel always happy and

Commercial advice of bring down maintenance costs


We are confident that by using our parts & services clients will soon discover the“missing link” between quality, reliability and very competitive prices.
We thank you for your anticipated prompt attention.


We shall be most happy to receive your kind inquiries and quote our best possible prices and terms.


Yours truly,                                

POLLUX Business, LLC


* POLLUX Business LLC is an international supplier of O.E.M. and replacement quality marine spare parts for engine room .